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What I look like

Hi, I am Édouard, I hold a teaching position (ATER) in the mathematics department of Université de Versailles since September 2020.

I am curious about almost everything related to mathematics, computer science, and teaching. My main domains of interest are computer algebra, algorithmic number theory, and cryptology. On top of that, I like to spread the idea of free software and free licenses in general.

If you want to know more, you can send me an e-mail!


Efficient Arithmetic of Finite Field Extensions
Advisors: Luca De Feo, Hugues Randriambololona and Éric Schost.
Manuscript, slides


Trisymmetric multiplication formulae in finite fields
WAIFI 2020
with Hugues Randriam.
Standard Lattices of Compatibly Embedded Finite Fields
ISSAC 2019
with Luca De Feo and Hugues Randriam.
Lattices of compatibly embedded finite fields in Nemo/Flint
ISSAC 2018
with Luca De Feo et Hugues Randriam.


I like to play with Sage or Nemo/Flint, and I developped some software using it. Details can be found in my GitHub repositories.

A Julia/Nemo library to compute trisymmetric decompositions for the multiplication in finite fields.
A Julia/Nemo library to make lattices of compatibly embedded finite fields.
A Julia/Nemo library containing algorithms for computing discrete logarithms in finite fields.
Library for computing normal bases based on Flint.


You can find more details in the dedicated section.

2020 – 2022
Algebraic structures
In-depth mathematics
Scientific computing (Université de Versailles)
Introduction to Information Theory (Université de Versailles)
Calculus (Université de Versailles)
Oral examiner in mathematics (Lycée Robert Doisneau and Parc des loges)
2017 – 2020
Introduction to programming (Université de Versailles)
Cryptography (L3) (Université de Versailles)
Cryptography (M1) (Université de Versailles)
2016 – 2017
Oral examiner in mathematics (Lycée Jacques Prévert, 36h)
2013 – 2014
Tutor in mathematics (Université Paris-Sud, 30h)


Other interests

I also practice and teach improvisation theatre, that is why you can also find ressources (in French) about some “lessons” I gave.